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A 12 week program to help you vibrationally align with the physical healing you desire.  Together we can create a system of healing that actually works - one that heals your body AND nurtures your spirit.

How do we heal?

If I asked 100 people this question, I would probably get 100 different answers.

If you've ever tried to heal your body from a physical symptom, condition, or dis-ease, you probably tried at least a dozen things before you found what worked. More likely, is that you are still looking to find what actually works.

From diet and exercise to medication, supplements, procedures, doctor's opinions, alternative healing modalities, there are a million things you could do that may improve, alleviate, or hopefully eliminate your symptoms.

You're likely here because you've tried what feels like a million different things and nothing has worked.

So how do we heal?

Healing is a uniquely individual process which is why there are a million treatment options and a million opinions about what works.

But a much easier way I believe is to simply ask
YOUR body what it needs.  Traditional and even holistic healing methods are like shooting darts in the dark, you don't know what the outcome will be. 

What if you could talk to your body, receive its guidance, and trust that the information it provides you is way more accurate than any doctor's opinion, lab test, or standard treatment protocol that you will ever find?

That's what ALIGN TO HEAL is all about. We are going to challenge everything you currently believe about healing and your body and help you find the answers you are searching for from the most accurate, reliable source available to you - YOUR BODY.

Your body already has all the answers. It knows exactly why you are experiencing the symptoms you are experiencing and it knows precisely what you need to do in order to shift into the feel good state that you desire.

Why this works?

Think about how a baby communicates what it needs to you. It cries, because it doesn't have language yet to be able to tell you what it needs. A baby can only set off an alarm system that tells you something is wrong. Most parents get really good about knowing what their baby needs based on the subtle differences in their babies behavior. 

This is exactly what your Inner Wisdom is doing for you. Your Inner Wisdom is similar to a baby in that it doesn't have language to communicate with you. It only has access to your sensory experiences so it communicates with you primarily through your symptoms and feelings.

Your symptoms are simply the alarm system that your Inner Wisdom aka your Higher SELF is using to alert you that there is a need that is not being met.

The reason this program is different is because I'm not trying to sell you on what has worked for me, I'm going to teach you how to know for yourself what works for you. And once you know the process of communicating with your body, you can use it to find clarity about how to move forward with ANY symptom, challenge, or obstacle you face in your life, because your Inner Wisdom is ALWAYS guiding you.


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When you sign up today, you receive:

  • Access to 12 pre-recorded lessons (one for each week of the program) that you can listen to when it's convenient for you

  • Weekly guided practices, journaling prompts, and worksheet to teach you the same step by step process I used to reconnect to my Inner Wisdom and begin to learn to trust the beautiful life that it was inviting me into.

  • Weekly live group coaching calls with Cassie where you will be able to ask questions and receive personal guidance. The live calls will be recorded and made available to the group if you can't attend live.

  • Community support - you'll join others who are on the same healing journey and who also want to create a safe space to share, support, and inspire others.

  • 10% discount off private sessions with Cassie while enrolled in the program.

  • Bonus Material

    • Breathwork Session

    • NeuroEmotional Education with Kate Mainieri

    • Special digestive health workshop

    • Feng Shui for healing

    • Healing By Human Design bonus workshop

The Benefits

  • overcome the blocks and barriers that are preventing your body from being able to heal

  • redefine what healing and health care really look like in your life

  • eliminate 50-90% of what you are currently "doing" to try and heal your body and focus on aligning with what actually works

  • shift your relationship to fear so that it guides your pathway forward rather than controls it

  • learn how to create an intention for healing that makes the journey forward clear and precise

  • receive motivation, inspiration, and expansion from the sharing and support of like spirited people who are also on the same journey to heal

What You'll 

Week 1 / Intention Setting

Did you know that a desire to heal the body is actually an ego desire? Your soul already experiences you as whole and complete so striving to 'fix' your body is like paddling hard upstream. Once you align your intention to your soul desire, you can stop paddling and float to your destination.

Week 2 / Deciphering The Language Of Your Inner Wisdom

Your Inner Wisdom is giving you constant guidance, you just don't understand the message. All the things that feel like obstacles, challenges, and hindrances are actually sign posts guiding you on your way, but they don't actually mean what you think they do.

Week 3 / Decoding Your Symptoms

Once you know what your symptoms really mean, it changes everything. It's like being given a map to the treasure.

Week 4 / Emotional Coherence

What your emotions really mean and why it's essential that what you feel and what you think are in alignment.

Week 5 / Neural Pathways

The essence of who you are being at any one moment in time is determined by the neural pathway that is driving your behavior. In this lesson we will map out your old neural pathway that led to the creation of dis-ease in your body as well as the neural pathway that leads to your most vibrant life.

Week 6 / Actions That (Actually) Heal

Healing requires that we create space for something new to come through. In this lesson, you'll find the clarity to release what you need to let go of and bravely step into the new behaviors that produce the outcome you desire.

Week 7 / Who Am I?

Coming into alignment with yourself requires that you deeply know who you were created to be rather than who you were conditioned to be. Human Design will become your blueprint for rediscovering and embodying the essence of who you truly are.

Week 8 / Your Authority: How Your Inner Wisdom Speaks To You

Not everyone's intuition speaks to them the same way. There are actually 7 different intuitive types: emotional, sacral, splenic, mental, ego, self-projected, or lunar. You'll learn which you are and how to use your authority as a guide to making aligned choices for yourself.

Week 9 / Healing In Relationships

Healing happens in YOUR relationships. As you discover who you are and where you have abandoned yourself, you'll also have to address where you have been out of alignment in your relationships. 

Week 10 / Rest, Play, & Creativity ...Oh my

Rest, play, and creativity are an essential part of everyone's prescription for well-being, but unfortunately most of us have either forgotten or don't know how to connect with these energies anymore. We'll discuss why this is and how to re-connect to the child in you!

Week 11 / Integrating This Approach With Modern Medicine

Do I still go to the doctor? How do I know which doctor to see? Should I continue taking my medications/supplements? How do I deal with the people who think I am crazy? Undoubtedly this process will surface many questions about the path forward and we will answer them here.

Week 12 / Creating A Sustainable You

In our last week, we will talk about how to integrate all that you have learned into the rest of your life so that you can create a sustainable new you.

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The Investment

**$279 when you pay in full

** See below for monthly payment options

What would you pay to feel good in your body again? How much have you already invested in your health? 

Developing a relationship with your Inner Wisdom is invaluable. This course will launch you on a trajectory of alignment that will seep into every nook and cranny of your life. 

Are you ready to transform your body and your life?


3 monthly payments of $99

Image by Janine Joles

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Cassie Seal, PT-DPT, RYT-500

My name is Cassie Seal and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The irony that I have discovered in my work over the last two decades is that the healing process isn't physical. It is mental, emotional, spiritual and everything in between. Addressing the physical body can impact the health of our body, but it will not create healing unless there is integration with the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This is why there is so much discrepancy in our experience with the current medical paradigm. It's why some people heal with certain diets, protocols, and doctors and others don't.

I've had a fascination with the human body since I was a little girl. After graduating with my doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007, I went on to study Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine.  My work has been heavily influenced by Dr. John Upledger's dialogue process, the work of David Hawkins as well as my personal studies in Buddhist meditation and theory. All of these modalities have had a strong influence over my practice, but none so much as my own personal experience.

Why Align To Heal?

Because thirteen years ago, I experienced a health challenge that would forever change my beliefs about healing. I struggled for over 5 years to “correct” my digestive health - radically overhauling my diet, consulting with multiple doctors and therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors - finding relief, but never healing until I discovered the root of the problem.

The Align To Heal program is essentially the system I discovered that finally brought healing to my body and radical transformation to my entire life.

I'm so excited you are here and can't wait for your transformation to begin. Are you ready to heal?


Still not sure this is for you??

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