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Group Programs

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"When we enter into a vibrational

state of being that is love,

healing happens automatically."

- David Hawkins

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to feel good in your body.  To be pain free, dis-ease free, injury free, and symptom free.

Now take it a step further and imagine what it would feel like to be in love with your body.  To have abundant energy and vitality.  To awake refreshed and energized and excited about the life that has been given to you.

What would you be able to do and accomplish and be if you felt like that?  What kind of life would that give you access to?

Aligned To Heal is a monthly group program designed for people who believe it's possible to feel this way, but simply don't know how to get there.  

Maybe you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, dis-ease or condition that isn't healing.  Maybe you have been suffering from joint pain or a mystery ailment.  Maybe you want to lose weight.  Maybe you feel tired all the time.  Maybe you just want to be able to get through your day without your body hurting or reacting to your environment.  Maybe you want to heal an "incurable" condition.

You've likely been to every doctor, therapist, and practitioner you can think of.  You've tried every diet, medication and program out there and maybe even had surgery, but the result is always the same - little to no relief of your physical symptoms.  

This program is for you.  This program is going to put you in touch with your Inner Wisdom. That part of you that knows exactly why your symptoms are here and what you need to do in order to create the health you actually want to be experiencing in your body.  

Your Inner Wisdom is communicating with you through your symptoms and together we are going to discover what your Inner Wisdom wants you to know.  

You are going to learn how to communicate with your Inner Wisdom so that you have constant access to your own navigational compass in life.

You are going to learn how to know what actions, behaviors, and habits put you in alignment with the health you desire and how to identify when you are out of alignment.  

Most importantly you are going to heal your body, your life, and your spirit.

Here is what this program includes:

  • 2 - 90 minute group coaching calls per month with Cassie 

  • Each zoom call includes teaching/discussion, Q & A, and guided practices

  • Zoom calls will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month @ 9:00 am Eastern

  • Access to a private online community where you can call in additional support, guidance, and love from like spirited beings.

  • Weekly group energy clearings and guided meditations every Monday at 12:00 pm.

  • You will also have access to Cassie's intuitive support and guidance throughout this program during the live monthly calls as well as in the private online community.

  • Access to recordings if you are unable to attend the calls live.

  • Library of all recordings will be made available to all who are enrolled.

  • 25% discount on 60 minute private sessions with Cassie while enrolled in the program.

  • You can sign up or cancel at anytime.

  • Cost is $39/month to join

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