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February 22, 2023, 6:30pm

@Sacred Waters, Mishawaka

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you always felt connected to your internal guidance system? And you had the clarity to know exactly what your Inner Wisdom was trying to tell you most of the time?

Your Inner Wisdom speaks to you through your sensory experiences - primarily your symptoms, your emotions, and your feelings.

We are always connected to our Inner Wisdom, the problem is only that we can’t “feel” the connection. We can’t intuit the message because we are incorrectly interpreting our sensory experiences.

Pain gets interpreted as a problem that needs to be fixed causing us to miss the significance of what our pain is actually here to offer us.

Our feelings and emotions are constantly being misinterpreted because of our past conditioning and trauma.

The result is emotional INCOHERENCE.

It’s like your Inner Wisdom speaking German when your mind only knows English. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to understand what your Higher SELF was trying to communicate to you?

Emotional COHERENCE occurs when what you feel and what you think about what you feel is harmonious and consistent with the guidance your Higher SELF is offering you.

In Emotional Coherence, you will learn:


***how to rewire the patterns your limited mind created when you were 5 to make sense of what you were feeling.


***how to decipher what thoughts are arising from past conditioning and trauma and which thoughts are in alignment with your Higher SELF


***What anger, guilt, shame, sadness, fear, anxiety really mean


***the secret to unleashing your inner reserves of joy, peace, and love so that you actually FEEL happy

About the teacher

Cassie Seal is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Craniosacral Therapist, and Somato-Emotional Release Practitioner. She has been a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Buddhist Meditation for more than 10 years and has had a private practice for over 7 years in South Bend, Indiana.  She is passionate about shifting the current medical paradigm and revolutionizing the way in which we heal as human beings.


Thirteen years ago, Cassie experienced a health challenge that would forever change her beliefs about healing. She struggled for over 5 years to “correct” her digestive health - radically overhauling her diet, consulting with multiple doctors and therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors - finding relief, but never healing until she discovered the root of the problem. Since then she has experienced not only a healing of her physical body but a radical transformation of her entire life. 


Healing and transformation requires a deeper understanding of the true meaning of our emotions - what they are here to teach us and how they are intended to guide us through life.

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