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Healing In Relationships


Whether you want to heal your body and your life or simply evolve into a more conscious and loving human being - the pathway to healing and evolution is through our relationships.

Difficult relationships - we all have them.  The ones that make us want to pull our hair out trying to figure out whether they are just a toxic person that requires strict boundaries or whether we are the one being unreasonable and selfish.

In fact, the way we respond to the people in our lives determines whether we are powerfully creating the life we desire to be living or unintentionally creating more frustration, stress and overwhelm.


We all want more love, connection, and belonging in our lives, but for most of us our actions in our relationships are actually moving us away from the very thing we desire.


This group is designed to help you break through your limiting beliefs and all the hogwash conditioning you received as a child about relationships so that you can actually create a life that is full of meaningful and nurturing relationships.


We are going to explore topics like co-dependency, knowing whether to stay or leave, boundary setting, emotional safety, marriage, divorce, self-expression, forgiveness, attachment, and aversion.


You will be given all the tools you need to listen, know, and trust your Inner Wisdom to guide you to making the correct choices in your relationships that are right for YOU!


We are going to dissolve the things that are clouding your vision - like anger, guilt, anxiety, and shame - so that you can see clearly YOUR pathway forward.


Here is what this program includes:

  • 2 - 90 minute zoom calls per month with Cassie 

  • Each zoom call includes teaching/discussion, Q & A, and 10-15 minute energetic balancing

  • Zoom calls will the 2nd and 4th Thursday of everything month at 9:00 am Eastern

  • Access to a private online community where you can call in additional support, guidance, and love from like spirited beings.

  • You will also have access to Cassie's intuitive support and guidance throughout this program during the live monthly calls as well as in the private online community.

  • Access to recordings if you are unable to attend the calls live.

  • Library of all recordings will be made available to all who are enrolled.

  • 10% discount on 60 minute private sessions with Cassie while enrolled in the program.

  • You can sign up or cancel at anytime.

  • Cost is $39/month to join one group or $69/month to join both groups.

So consider this for a moment:


What would your life be like if -


  • you didn’t have to avoid that annoying co-worker at work anymore?

  • you could tell your mother, father, partner, boss what you actually think and experience more love and belonging as a result?

  • you felt free to show up to social gatherings that felt truly good to you rather than ones you feel obligated to attend?

  • you knew how to create the loving, supportive partnership that you desire either within the context or your current partnership OR to call in the partner you have always wanted?

  • you had complete clarity all the time?

  • you never felt disempowered in the presence of another person again?

  • you no longer got sucked into the people pleasing, victim, or fixer archetypes in your relationships?


These are just some of the things that participating in this group will make available to you.


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