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The Secret Ingredient Is Love

Many of you know that I went to the Young Living Essential Oil convention in July 2018 and that I had an amazing experience. I was doing some reflecting today about the experience and I'd like to put into words what came to mind.

A lot of people use essential oils and although there are many different essential oil companies, I came away knowing that Young Living Oils are not only the purest but the most therapeutic oils available on the market today. Here's why...

Gary Young was a passionate man who devoted his entire life's work to the study of essential oils, including everything from farming and distillation practices to the art of blending oils for specific therapeutic benefit. His passion stemmed from a life long journey to heal himself from a traumatic accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair for 13 years. Amazingly through Gary's study of natural medicines and techniques he was able to heal his body to the point where he was able to walk without assistance. Gary first discovered essential oils while on his own healing journey and worked endlessly to become the undisputed leader of the modern day essential oil movement not because he wanted fame or fortune, but because he believed that essential oils were "the closest physical and tangible substance that carries the spirit of God on Earth" and he believed that every human being on Earth was worthy of their therapeutic benefits.

There is a Little Critter children's book that my kids love. In the book, the Grandma bakes a pie to enter in the county fair pie contest and she wins 1st prize in the contest. At the end of the book, she asks Little Critter if he knows why her pie won. The answer is "because it was made with the most love."

Gary Young passed away on May 12 of this year, however in one of his final messages to Young Living members, he spoke of the art of blending essential oils for therapeutic benefit: He said, "Over the years, as I have formulated blends, I have discovered that the order of combining the oils greatly affects the efficacy of the blend. Sometimes, a few of the oils are blended and then put in the cool room for 24 hours to homogenize together. Then that part of the blend is brought to room temperature before I add the rest of the oils to complete the blend. Sometimes individual oils have to be combined in a certain order because of their particular chemical compounds in order to achieve the desired aroma and effect. With some blends, as few as two oils have to be blended before the other oils can be added."

When I read Gary's words, I immediately thought of Little Critter's grandma and I'm convinced that Young Living's oils are the best because they have the most love in it.

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