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Confused About Which Young Living Oils or Supplements to Use?

It can be really confusing looking through all the amazing supplements and essential oils that Young Living offers. It’s not uncommon to hear all the benefits of a particular oil or supplement and think I need that or I bet that will help me feel better, etc. And at the same time it can cause serious frustration when you spend your precious money on something that you really think is going to help you and then you don’t notice any significant changes. I know, I’ve been there. My first exposure to Young Living products I sampled well over 50 oils in a 1 hour time frame and I felt amazing for days if not weeks after this one exposure. I was truly in awe of this response as it came after years of strict dietary changes, supplements, and countless treatments with various alternative healthcare practitioners just in an attempt to heal my body. The dilemma that I was faced with after this exposure to Young Living was that I had absolutely zero idea which oils had prompted my healing response or which ones to purchase first. For the next several years, I tinkered with the oils trying this one or that one but never having the same success that I had initially experienced. But and this is a very important BUT I didn't give up BECAUSE I believed so much in the healing power of these oils!

In fact, it wasn’t until I started to see how my thoughts and emotions were affecting my body that I started to realize the protocol for not just selecting, but using the oils to maximize their efficiency in the body. The problem is that we often look for a remedy or treatment to address our physical problems (joint pain, digestive upset, fatigue, etc) when the underlying cause of our physical problem is actually in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realm. For example, digestive health problems are often related not to how we digest our food but how well we are able to digest our thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Hip pain is more often related to how we are moving through the world, whether we feel stuck, or like we are moving backward, or just spinning our wheels. Headaches are often actually symbolic of too much self-criticism or judgement. Depression carries with it some element of hopelessness around some aspect of our lives. The remedy is not to “fix” the physical problem, it is to determine the underlying cause and take action. The oils best support us when we choose the oil that supports the underlying cause not the physical problem.

For example, I have discovered more digestive complaints have emotional causes so my go to oils for digestive health may be joy, peace and calming, release, transformation or other emotional support oils. As I was learning this new process I started using my reference guide a little differently. I would look up the physical problem that I was having and then look up each individual oil to see which helped with where I felt stuck not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. The closer an oil seemed to match what I needed on a body, mind, spirit level the more effective the oil seemed to be at supporting my entire body. Another resource that I find to be really helpful is Carolyn L Mein’s book ‘Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils’. She has several charts that include the predominant emotion that is cleared by each Young Living essential oil including the blends.

And if you still feel stuck and overwhelmed, I offer free new patient consultations which can be done over the phone or zoom where I can get to know your personal energetics better and make recommendations specifically for you!

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