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Getting Rid Of Anxiety

Anxiety is my job security. It is the number one thing that motivates someone to schedule a session with me.

“I just want these anxious feelings to go away.”

Sometimes they will sugar coat it as “I just want to feel confident in who I am again.”

Or “I want to be aligned and authentic in all of my relationships.”

Or “I want clarity about how to move forward in my life.”

These are all just code for I don’t want to feel anxious anymore and I want the universe to give me exactly what I want when I want it so that I don’t have to feel anxiety about whether or not it’s coming.

Folks, the tradeoff for anxiety is letting go of all control over your life. The opposite of anxiety is allowing, accepting, and trusting.

If you truly want to get rid of your anxiety, you have to let go of everything you are trying to control and until you are ready to do that anxiety will continue to serve you as a brake system.

When things feel too intense, like you’re a snowball barreling down a mountain gaining speed and momentum but severely out of control, anxiety will serve as your brakes when your nervous system can’t tolerate the momentum.

You don’t have to hit the brakes, you could take a chance and see where the snowball lands, but more than likely it will eventually scatter back to a thousand individual snowflakes or melt or fall apart.

The point is that it will return to its true nature. In the scattering and falling apart, we come back to ourselves.

Anxiety is putting the brakes on the thing we want most.

Let it crumble. Let it scatter. Let it fall apart. Let die what no longer serves you.

This is the pathway out of anxiety.

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