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Imprisoned By Your Diagnosis

Diagnosis is a huge problem in our modern medical system.

I don’t mean not being able to correctly diagnose.

I don’t mean that we incorrectly diagnose too often.

I mean that the problem is that we diagnose at all.

Symptoms, disease, and illness are not physical problems, they are energetic imbalances.

To give an energetic imbalance a physical cause and solution is the precise reason why the medical system is failing so many people.

This system keeps us on the hamster wheel of trying to solve problems that don’t exist while simultaneously creating more problems than what we started with.

How many times have you gone to the doctor feeling fine, only to come away with something that “needs further testing” or that is “of concern”?

How does that make you feel?

How many times do you leave your doctor’s office feeling better than when you walked in?

How often do you feel anxious or even dread before going in to see your doctor?

When you notice a new physical symptom arising in your body, does this open the door to love and gratitude or fear and overwhelm?

Today I worked with a woman who is awaiting her test results that will either confirm or deny whether she has “Alzheimer’s Disease.” The anticipated sorrow, anxiety, fear, and loss is just as palpable as the freedom, love, serenity, and grace that she is praying for.

Right now she can lie on my treatment table or close her eyes in meditation and connect to the love, serenity, and grace within her body. She can feel it so deeply running through her body that it moves us both to tears.

And then when I ask her to imagine holding the piece of paper with her test results in her hands, she is instantaneously filled with fear, sorrow, and loss.

But NOTHING has changed chemically in her body.

And yet EVERYTHING has changed in her mind. In one moment she is a woman free of disease and in the next she is imprisoned by the identity that the words written on a piece of paper will impose upon her body, mind, and spirit.

Words are just fucking words people! They don’t mean ANYTHING at all, other than the meaning that we subscribe to.

Regardless of whether this woman is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or not, her soul is on a journey to experience more love, more freedom, and more joy in this lifetime. This is what she prays for daily.

What I know is that her prayers are being answered. Alzheimer’s may be her path. It may be the way in which the Universe or God (or whoever you subscribe to) has chosen to open her to the discovery of the joy and love that she truly is.

I know that LOVE heals. I know that there is an abundance of love and joy contained within this woman. My heart aches for her to intimately know this depth of freedom within her.

I believe that our fate should not be lived out because of words written on a piece of paper.

If a diagnosis will bring you closer to the vibration of love by all means, seek one out.

More often, I witness time and time again that these words on a paper only serve to disconnect us from the love that we are seeking to experience. The love that already exists within each and every one of us.

If you’re wondering what is true for you, the easiest way to know whether a diagnosis will serve you in your healing or not is to ask how you will feel about the outcome.

If I am diagnosed with this thing, will I feel better or worse about myself?

Choose what makes you feel better every time.

There is no truth in words on a paper. There is only truth in our inner experience.

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