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Our Inner Wisdom Leads Us To Suffering

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Part of the reason we feel a disconnect from our Inner Wisdom is because we don’t understand how it works. We carry an expectation that when I am connected to my Inner Being/Voice/Higher Self that life will feel easy, effortless, and joyful. We believe our Inner Wisdom will guide us to our healing, to our Inner Peace, to the pathway of our highest vision for our life.

It does those things.

But the pathway cannot be expected, predicted, or even calculated. Our limited minds don’t get to surmise what that pathway “should” look and feel like.

I was talking to a dear friend the other day who was telling me the story of a difficult family member who had done many hurtful things to her over the last several years. She told me of her struggle to accept and make peace with the situation.

She told me one day she had prayed from a deeply heartfelt space for her to feel love for this person. She prayed with tears in her eyes to understand why this person had done such hurtful things.

The following day she was in a car accident and she has suffered various injuries throughout her physical body as a result.

I told her that this accident was the answer to her prayers and she asked me to explain how that could be.

I said this accident and the physical pain is the only way for the Universe to answer her prayer. Her Inner Wisdom knew that for her to get to a place of pure love and compassion for this person that she would need to truly understand their suffering. To understand that they are not separate, that they are the same. That their suffering is the same.

When I was actively suffering from poor digestive health, I was told by a spiritual healer that at the root of my suffering was a disconnection from my inner joy. As she spoke the words the truth of what she was saying resonated deeply throughout my soul.

In the next few days, I prayed to know JOY. I prayed to experience a life full of joy. I grieved the years that I had endured what felt like a joyless existence.

In the months that followed, I entered what many would call the dark night of the soul. For over a year I suffered from the greatest stress and emotional pain I had ever known. Every outlet I had created to cope with my inability to experience joy was stripped from me.

Our Inner Wisdom is a teacher and it knows that the only way that we truly learn is through experience. It wasn’t just going to spoon feed me my joy. I had to uncover all the layers of

trauma and conditioning that were blocking my access to joy. I had to discover where joy truly existed within me. I had to learn that joy wasn’t something that could be artificially or superficially created through my willpower alone. No amount of “fixing” my external reality was going to bring me real joy. I had to discover that joy was an inner state of being that was always available to me.

Learning the language of your Inner Wisdom isn’t so much like studying a foreign language. It’s more like re-writing your narrative about what suffering really is. It’s changing how you relate to supposedly negative experiences. It’s recognizing the gift that is available to us in our deepest moments of suffering.

When we view our pain from a lens of love, it automatically begins to dissolve because its presence is no longer needed in our lives.

Most importantly we need to stop viewing our negative experiences as indications that we are disconnected from our Inner Wisdom or out of alignment with our Higher Self. For it is in our moments of suffering when our Inner Wisdom is most tenderly caring for us.

The moral of the story is be careful what you pray for, because you might just get exactly what you asked for.

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