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The Lesson Of The Feather Pillow Truck

My business coach, Willo Sana, mentioned the lesson of the Feather Pillow Truck on our call this week and I wanted to share it with you because it is just so good and so true:

The feather: you are cordially invited to be a fully engaged participant in the creation of your life

It is the story of how the universe works. First in order to get our attention, the universe tickles us with a feather. A subtle yet noticeable and at times magical tickle upon our awareness. These feather tickles invite us to turn here, talk to this person, inquire there, go on that trip, quit that job, leave (or start) that relationship. It is the subtle wisdom through which the universe guides, supports, and loves us in each moment. A brush with a feather is merely an invitation to change our course. Attendance is of course not mandatory, but as you begin to embrace the wisdom of the universe you begin to understand that participation is highly encouraged and rewarded.

The Pillow: you are invited to be a participant in your life, attendance is highly encouraged

When we fail to notice the feather tickle (or perhaps) we acknowledge it but choose not to act on it, the universe responds by smacking us upside the head with a pillow. A much more perceptible blow to our awareness, but one that does no apparent damage to our life or ego or sense of who we are. A pillow to the head will certainly make you stop in your tracks, but it does not require you to change your course. When the pillow hits us, we often have a sinking feeling that something is amiss that something needs to change, but we may not be fully ready to surrender to a change in course.

The Truck: You have been summoned by the Court of the Universe, your attendance in your life is now mandatory

It is the truck which follows the pillow that is the straw which breaks the camel's back. It is the impact that requires us to take stock of our lives. We literally feel as though we have been hit by a truck. Our body, our heart, and/or our world feels broken. We may beg and plead for our life to return to its pre- truck run in status. We pray for the pain to go away, the partner to return, our loved one to not be gone, our bodies to return to normal, a new job to appear… The fear that surfaces after the truck, is the knowing that we can no longer go back to life as we once knew it. We may beg and plead for the universe to restore our life, but the universe has erected a firm brick wall behind us and the only path available to us is forward. When the truck enters our life it forces change upon us that invites us to re-assess our life, both where we have been and where we are going.

The story of the Feather Pillow Truck is constantly at play in our lives. I believe the only way to avoid the Truck is to master the art of feeling the feather. When this story was relayed to me recently, I realized that my life’s work has been to master the language of the feather. That the language of the feather is comprehensible only through developing a relationship with our inner wisdom.

It is never pleasant to navigate life being disconnected from your inner wisdom. It is challenging, hard, effortful, and exhausting.

The more I embrace my inner wisdom with curiosity and possibility, the more receptive I am to the feather and the less need I have for trucks in my life. I am convinced that learning to communicate with our inner wisdom is the most useful skill we will ever learn. It provides you with a navigational system that will guide you through every aspect of your life.

Life with your inner wisdom is full of grace, ease, and flow. And the feather is guiding you to this life ….are you feeling the tickle?

Disclaimer: the lesson of the feather pillow truck is not my creation. I am not sure of its origin,, but the interpretation of the lesson presented here is mine.

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