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Who Must I Be In Order To Feel Good?

Why is it so hard to change?

Why do we beat ourselves up so badly because we aren’t doing what we know is good for us?

We beat ourselves up because we aren’t exercising, we aren’t eating right, we aren’t having that talk, starting that business, writing that book, quitting that job, ending that relationship….

What will it take to narrow the gap between what we know is possible for ourselves and what we are actually calling in?

We are all asking a question…. What is it that I have to DO in order to be in alignment with my higher self? What do I need to DO in order to heal my body, lose weight, find love, get a better job? What do I have to DO in order to get rid of my anxiety, depression, indigestion, cancer, or pain?

Have you ever noticed that the more you ask these questions, the more confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed you actually feel? The very question you are asking in an attempt to feel better is actually moving you farther away from the answer you seek.

It’s because you are asking the question with your mind and your mind can only find answers within the realm of what it already knows. When you ask a question with your mind, you will only get more of what you already know. For example, if you ask your mind how to get rid of your back pain, it will say things like eat better, exercise more, go see a doctor or therapist, start taking a yoga class. You might even start feeling better when you commit to healthy habits, but inevitably you stop doing them and/or the pain returns.

What happens when you’ve done all the things that you know to do and you are still in pain, still sick, still unhappy, still single, overweight, unhealthy, still don’t have energy….???

The secret is in using your inner wisdom to access what you don’t know. The answers you want are encoded in your body, heart, and soul, NOT your mind. The answers are in your symptoms, they are in what you no longer want to be experiencing. If you no longer want to be tired all the time, then you have to get curious about who you are without fatigue. If you no longer want to experience pain, then you have to get curious about who you are without it.

Your inner wisdom will never tell you that you need to work harder in order to feel better. It will never tell you that you need surgery in order to heal. It will never tell you that you need pain medication in order to not be in pain. It will never tell you that avoiding dairy and gluten are the only way to heal your gut. It will never tell you that you need a certain doctor or therapy in order to get better. And it will never tell you that pushing through the pain will help you resolve it.

In fact, the question is not about what must I DO in order to heal, the question is who must I BE in order to feel good?

You can't trust your mind, because your mind is afraid to let you be that person. Your mind is operating under the assumption that there is danger in becoming that person and it will keep you chasing to do list after to do list searching for the answer that you will never find because the answer is not outside of you. It is right there within you - it is who you already are. We just have to pause long enough to allow ourselves to BE who we already are.

Will you do this for yourself right now? Can you take a minute out of your busy day and hold the intention to just allow yourself to BE? Can you allow everything around you to just fall away for a few minutes so you can feel who you actually are?

Watch your mind closely, because it will try to remind you of all the things you “should” be doing right now. Can you hear it telling you that this is a waste of time? Can you feel how it doesn’t want to let you just be? It is afraid you might actually become free, happy, joyful, alive, content, at peace, and healed.

Somewhere in the midst of allowing yourself to BE, a subtle awareness arises within you. Can you feel it? Your breath expands, deepens, relaxes. Tension falls away. Peace arises. Then joy. Suddenly you realize that you are BEing and it feels deliciously blissful.

This moment was brought to you by your willingness to allow it. It required no act of doing, no to do list. There was nothing that you had to accomplish or understand in order to experience it. You ….Simply….Allowed….It.

This is what your inner wisdom wants you to know. Your inner wisdom asks nothing of you. There is nothing it needs you to do in order to feel good. In this space of allowing - the pain, symptoms, dis-ease, tension, frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety all fall away - and for that moment you become who you have always been.

The profoundness of accessing your inner wisdom has very little to do with what you learn about yourself, but rather the way in which what you learn changes who you are and how you relate to the world around you.

There is magic in the space between trying to heal yourself and simply allowing yourself to be healed.

Are you ready to journey there?

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