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"Healing Happens In Relationship"

Why Relationship Coaching?

It was about seven years ago when I first opened my private practice and began really honing my dialoguing skills with the human body. It quickly became evident that the limiting beliefs and thoughts that were driving illness for my clients were being mirrored in the relationships they had with their spouses, children, parents, bosses, etc.


And it wasn't long before I started hearing the whispered longings of my own heart that were nudging me to leave my marriage. As a result of all I have learned from my own experiences and that of my clients, I now fully believe that healing happens primarily in relationship to others. I often say if I could have left my marriage from the comforts of my meditation cushion I would have, because it would have been a lot easier than having to deal with the emotional kaleidoscope of telling your husband of 17 years that you want a divorce. But instead I chose to consciously lean into my discomfort by challenging all of my fears that were surfacing while simultaneously learning to trust my heart.

The journey was long and difficult. I oscillated between guilt and doubt for months. I knew that he was a good man and a wonderful father. My mind simply could not justify leaving him when he had done nothing wrong. I vowed early on in my journey that I would not leave my marriage from a state of being that was anything but love. This meant that I had to find a way to release all the blame, anger, and resentment I carried toward him and find a way to love him more not less.

I discovered that the only reason I distrusted my intuition was because I did not know love from a divine perspective. I was operating on the limited and conditional view of love that I had bought into as a child. I had to shift my beliefs in order finally come to a place of peace about what my intuition was asking me to do. In the process, I realized how much what I was learning in my personal life was also helping my clients resolve relationship challenges in their own life and that resolving these challenges was helping alleviate their physical symptoms.


Currently, I am in the process of writing a book about my experiences as well as developing a course to support other people who are wrestling with doubt and uncertainty in their marriages. But in the meantime, you can also work with me privately if you have a relationship challenge that you'd like help bringing to resolution in the most peaceful and loving way.

Relationship Coaching Vs Marriage Counseling

A question I get often is what is relationship coaching and how is it different than marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is typically therapy or counseling that both you and your spouse attend at the same time. The primary goal is usually to help create an effective method of communicating as well as working through some of the dysfunctional patterns that are playing out in the relationship.

Relationship Coaching (at least with me) is for an individual. I may and have worked with both partners, however never at the same time. The reason for this is because the co-dependencies that we develop in our relationships limit our ability to hear what our Inner Wisdom is telling us. Essentially anytime our nervous system goes into fight or flight, we are literally cutting off communication with our Inner Wisdom.

And my coaching is not just geared toward couples. This system works great for all relationships. It's helped with intimate partnerships, working relationships, parent - child and sibling relationships, friendships and I'm confident it will work with any other type of relationship as well.

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