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What Is Wisdom Healing?

Inner Wisdom

"A Wisdom Healing Session is like a 60 minute conversation with your soul."

Wisdom Healing is a process of intuitive healing that I use to help my clients find, hear, and listen to their own Inner Wisdom.  The healing is what happens when we align our thoughts and emotions with the Wisdom within. 


We become who we are at our core - our most authentic, aligned, and divine SELF.  When these three things (thoughts, feeling, SELF) are in alignment, we become the living expression and embodiment of our soul purpose, deepest desires, and powerful gifts that are uniquely ours to share with the world.  


At the heart of our most aligned SELF is a profound wisdom that contains the blueprint for our best life - a life of health, happiness, joy, peace, abundance, and love.  When we access this wisdom and allow it to guide our path - healing automatically happens.  In fact, everything we want for ourselves flows effortlessly and easily. 


Conversely, the path of healing that most of us follow is often confused with the path of trying to fix what is wrong with us.  We want to get rid of our pain, anxiety, or anger.  We wish for the ability to move our bodies “like we used to.”  We want our energy back, our symptoms to go away, and to just feel good again.  


What is perhaps missing in this approach to healing is the realization that our health, vitality, and happiness is independent of what you are experiencing in your body.  That being painfree or dis-ease free is not a pre-requisite to feeling good, it is the RESULT of feeling good.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Communicating With Your Aligned SELF

Wisdom Healing

The only way your Aligned SELF can communicate with you is through your body.  This means that every sensory experience you have - pain, fatigue, numbness, bloating, constipation, anger, anxiety, depression - IS your Aligned SELF communicating with you.  Whereas the old medical model views symptoms as a problem, Wisdom Healing understands that symptoms are simply a language that most of us do not know how to interpret…YET!


When you embark on the journey of Wisdom Healing, you begin to understand who you are at your core.  Your gifts, talents (SUPERPOWERS), purpose, calling, etc.  You see that your preferences and the way you desire to live your life IS actually the way you are being called to live.  It’s not wishful thinking or a maybe someday dream…. it is literally who you were designed to be and what you were called here to do.


From this place of knowing who you truly are, we start to see that symptoms are just our Aligned SELF letting us know we are off track and that we are not moving in the direction of the life we were designed to live.

When we learn to collaborate with our body and to speak its language we become empowered in the face of our challenges and symptoms.  We not only know what they are asking of us, we begin to see clearly the pathway forward to what we want.   As we learn to trust that our challenges are guidance from our Inner Wisdom, life becomes more joyful and peaceful simply because we are no longer resisting what we don't want.

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