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For individuals seeking to discover what's possible in their health, life, and relationships

Cassie Seal

Dr. Cassie Seal, PT, DPT, RYT 500

If you found my website, I doubt you came here to settle for a mediocre life. You don't want a life that looks good on paper, you want a life that FEELS good in your body. You want it all - vibrant health, joy, abundance, love, and peace!

You aren't interested in slapping a band-aid on your wounds. You know that true healing comes from opening them up and digging deep down to the root of the wound until you discover the truth of your worthiness that has been buried within you.

Your most amazing life is waiting for you and you are finally ready and willing to do what it takes to create that life. 

You are in the right place if you are searching for answers for how to heal your physical body, your relationships, and/or understand your purpose in life. You want to feel ALIGNED and EMPOWERED in each area of your life and to get there, you need to have a deeper sense of who you are and why you are here.

It's my life mission, to help as many people as I can to re-establish a relationship to their Higher SELF. Your Inner Wisdom has the answers and the guidance you are seeking and I'd love to teach you how to listen and trust this Inner Voice so that you can heal your body, your relationships and live the life that only you were created for.

I specialize in helping people receive the Inner guidance they need to achieve the physical health and well-being they desire. We begin by learning to understand our symptoms. They don't mean any of the things that modern medicines tells us they mean. Chest pain doesn't mean that our heart is failing, indigestion isn't because our gut bacteria is out of balance, joint pain isn't the result of degeneration or old age, and autoimmune dis-ease doesn't mean your immune system is attacking your body. Symptoms actually mean that our physical bodies are coming into alignment with our soul and the symptoms if we listen closely gift us with a Wisdom that our soul already knows and that we are yearning to discover.

When we discover the true meaning of our symptoms, it sets in motion a series of events that make the healing of our physical bodies possible.

No matter how hard we try to heal on our yoga mat or meditation cushion, healing can only happen in relationship with others. Have you ever heard the stories of the monks who retreat to caves in isolation in order to achieve enlightenment only to return to their communities and experience the SAME problems as before they left? It isn't possible to heal in isolation. As Brene Brown says, we are hard-wired for human connection and it shows in our relationships. Our Inner Wisdom also communicate with us through our experiences - you know those dysfunctional patterns that keep showing up in your relationships - that is your Inner Wisdom reflecting back to you what you need to know in order to grow and evolve. If you have one or more relationships in your life that feel challenging to you, it's because the way you are showing up to it isn't in alignment with who you truly are.

There are four main reasons why we stay stuck in these dysfunctional relationship patterns:

  1. we have low self worth that keeps us going back to toxic or unhealthy situations

  2. we experience shame or guilt that is actively blocking our ability to act with love and/or compassion

  3. we are co-dependent on the relationship as a source of love, comfort, safety, or wealth

  4. we prefer the comfort of the known as opposed to the fear of the unknown

When we learn to discern these relational patterns from within, we gain access to what they are truly showing us and inviting us into rather than being disillusioned by the reality we experience that is simply a projection of our past.


We are all on a journey to discover who we are and why we are here and our Inner Wisdom is constantly directing us to sign posts that reveal the true nature of who we are on a soul level and what we came here to do. Learning to interpret, understand, and trust the messages functions as a roadmap that directs the choices that we make in our life. Without this roadmap, it's like navigating a ship in the dark without a compass. This work can give you the confidence to know who you are and where you are headed.

Want to know what your Inner Wisdom is trying to tell you?



Hi, my name is Dr. Cassie Seal, Intuitive Healer.

I'm an expert at helping you communicate with your Higher Self. I've spent the last two decades studying the human body as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Body Worker, and as an Intuitive Healer and it's led me to believe that ALL of our pain, symptoms, dis-ease, emotions, and struggles are simply the language through which our Higher Self is attempting to communicate with us. The symptoms are not the problem, the only problem is that we don't understand the language. 

If you have ever been a parent to a newborn baby you know that it can be a struggle learning to communicate with your child, because the only way a baby can communicate with you is through its cry. Similarly, your Higher Self's only capacity for language is through our sensory systems.

What keeps us from healing is the misinterpretation of these physical sensations which dampens our sensitivity and receptivity to what our Higher Self is trying to tell us.  In other words, we lose the most potent and powerful guidance system to navigate our way to a life of great joy, purpose, and meaning.  

My goal is to help you restore your relationship to your Higher Self so that you learn to rely on the integrity of this guidance system, re-establish the communication pathways, and renew your trust and faith in the essence of who you are.

It's your healing journey and I would be honored to walk along side you as your guide and celebrate you in all aspects of your becoming. If you are new to me and my work, I highly recommend that you schedule a 30 minute free consultation with me. I'll relay to you what I feel your Inner Wisdom is trying to tell you and give you my honest assessment of how or if I can help you. 

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- Leah Mark

Cassie is absolutely amazing!!! Within minutes she can get to the root cause of why you may be feeling emotionally or physically unwell. It’s decades of therapy in just a few minutes. To get right to what you need to resolve to heal to flourish and live a fantastic life! She is truly talented and really helps to make the healing journey as smooth, easy, and as loving as possible! I will continue to see her as I’ve already seen the benefits of her therapy in my own life and I am eternally grateful. She is truly talented and very well educated in her fields of expertise!




I am so thankful to have Cassie in my life! She is able to hear my body when I have difficulty. She is caring and compassionate and so willing to help. Sharing her stories on the website have also helped me. Amazing gifts! Bless you, Cassie!!

Wooden Hut


Cassie was immediately able to focus in on my problem areas and I have had several days of relief from physical symptoms, as well as a heightened sense of peace.


A wonderful coach and guide. Blessed to have Cassie in my life.

"I always go in to our sessions thinking (with my mind) that I know how/where the session will go, but through your guidance and support, my body always reveals places and spaces that are far beyond what my thinking mind can grasp. This work isn't glamorous and at times can be incredibly uncomfortable. But once you start down the path of connecting to your inner awareness it is impossible to look back. It is forward movement. Growth. Change. Evolution. Shedding of your old skin, beliefs, and thoughts so that the true self can emerge. Quieting down the mind and listening to the body so that the soul can speak. If that sounds elusive and lofty and life changing - I promise you, it is all of those things and more."   - Logan

"Cassie understands the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of healing.  She understands that what is coming up in my life IS what needs to be worked through.  Our sessions never take the same predictable pathway, but somehow we always arrive at some profound connection to whatever I am intending to heal."     - Janice

" I used to wake up feeling anxious every morning, it's just not there anymore since working with Cassie."    - Mark

"I was racked with guilt for over a year about something I had done in my marriage and after 1 session working with Cassie the guilt was gone."    - Rachel

"I initially went to Cassie seeking relief from my physical symptoms.  We didn't even talk about my leg pain or RLS but it gradually just resolved as a result of this work.  I was able to return to running pain free after just a few sessions."     -Mark

"Cassie has a way of asking the big questions that I am afraid of asking myself, but what's amazing is that I am not afraid to answer them openly and honestly in her presence.  I am learning to feel safe again in the company of my Inner's nurturing to my soul and healing to my body."   - Edith

"After working with Cassie I now know what it means to have a sense of well-being.  Also, I am going without allergy medication for the first time in decades and my use of medicine and supplements have been significantly reduced.  I trust the process and Cassie."   - Barb

"Cassie understands the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of healing.  She understands that what is coming up in my life IS what needs to be worked through.  Our sessions never take the same predictable pathway, but somehow we always arrive at some profound connection to whatever I am intending to heal."    - Janice

"I know myself better in all of my relationships.  I'm so much more aware of what is supportive and where I need to set boundaries."    - Liz

Not only did my shoulder return to full pain free mobility, but I received an insight to my life. I was able to heal past feelings and issues that I didn't realize were still hanging on based on the way I interpreted them at the time they happened. I found new confidence in myself and my decisions in both my personal and business life. So much so that I was listed as a top 10 fastest growing leader within my company just 6 months after my visits.   - Pam

"When I try to explain this work to others I often feel like words don't do it justice. It is a felt experience and a deeply personal journey. It is engergetic massage. It is an opportunity to connect back to the truth of who and what you are. It is reminder, or a remembering, of how to live from your heart."    - Logan



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