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These are upcoming live events offered by Dr. Cassie Seal. Please note whether the event is live or in - person. If you have any difficulties or questions regarding registration, please email

One Sacred Life Retreat

One Sacred Life is 3 day retreat designed specifically for women ready to lean into the unknown and push the reset button on their life. You've done the work and you know you're ready to take your life, health, relationships and work to the next level and this workshop is exactly what you need to reset your nervous system, push past your fears, and shift your consciousness to fully awaken the essence of who you came into this life to experience. With daily somatic and embodiment practices as well as guided meditations, journaling, and sharing in an intimate, loving, and supportive space this retreat is just the support you have been calling in for the next phase of your life. We all only have this One Sacred Life, are you living yours to your highest potential and calling?

In Person

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