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Essentials Oils

Earth's Medicine - Alignment In A Bottle

How do I use Essential Oils now both personally and professionally?

I use them daily, but not in the way that you might think. I use essential oils that energetically and vibrationally resonant with the state of being that I desire to experience. Most people use oils to "get rid of" or eliminate certain problem symptoms or emotions that they don't want to be experiencing. Unfortunately, every time we use an oil with the intention of "getting rid of" something, we are essentially creating more of the thing we wish to get rid of. I noticed this when I began using oils to get rid of a nasty and persistent patch of poison ivy I had acquired many years ago. At first lavender oil was extremely effective. The rash went away very quickly, but the next time it came back, lavender didn't work for me anymore. Taking the supplement Ningxia Red did though, but the next time around it was ineffective and didn't help at all. Then I started experimenting with treating the emotion. Whenever I experienced Poison Ivy, I felt resentment and irritation. So I asked myself what I wanted to be feeling instead. I wanted to experience peace, ease, and joy so I asked my Inner Wisdom to guide me to the oil that would cultivate those feelings in me.  This was over six years ago and I can tell you I have never had a repeat experience of poison ivy since that time.

How to use your oils to powerfully heal your body, mind, and spirit?

You might be thinking, okay well if I can't just ask my Inner Wisdom what oil I need, how do I know which oil to use? You

can actually train your body to heal itself with any oil.


Here's how it works:

Think of your most favorite smell in the whole entire world. Maybe it's Grandma's chocolate chip cookies when you were a kid or the salty/fishy aroma of the ocean. Close your eyes and actually pretend that you are experiencing that smell right now. Feel the response to this imagined smell in your body. It feels pretty amazing right? Your memory of that smell is recorded in your limbic system so you go right back to the safety of Grandma's kitchen or the freedom you experienced by the ocean.

Now let's say you want to get rid of your back pain or call in greater abundance in your life. First get clear on how your back pain makes you feel, what it keeps you from being able to do, and what you might be able to be, do, have, and experience without it. Now close your eyes and imagine you are free of pain. What does it feel like? Who do you become? What are you free to do that you weren't able to do before? Sum up the essence of this experience in a word or two. Example: I am free.

If you want greater abundance do the same thing, take a moment to get clear about how not having the abundance you desire makes you feel. Then close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to have the abundance you desire. Picture what you are now able to do, who this opens you up to be, have, and experience. Sum up the essence of this experience in a word or two. Example: joy 

Now.... are you ready to heal with oils? Because I only want you to proceed if you are.

Take a moment to consciously connect to this feeling of JOY or FREEDOM or whatever word you selected while SIMULTANEOUSLY smelling the oil of your choice. Be sure you are actually feeling the embodied sense of the word you chose. In other words only thinking it isn't enough. You have to be experiencing it as you smell the oil.

Think about how often you have smelled oils while thinking, hoping, intending for your stomach upset to go away, your fever to go down, or your head tension to finally ease up. When you focus on the problem you are literally tagging that problem to the oil you are smelling. Yikes!

Lavender Fields

My Oil Story

I was first introduced to Young Living Essential oils over 10 years ago. It was during a particularly difficult time in my life when I was struggling with my digestive health. I was trapped in a constant "doing" state searching for the medicine that would restore my body's ability to process and utilize nutrients in a way that felt life giving and nourishing rather than depleting and draining. To say I had tried everything is an understatement, but then in walked Young Living and about 100 bottles of essential oil. After being asked by my employer to research essential oils, I invited two Young Living distributors to come share more about oils with us. Over a one hour period, these women had me sniff or apply over at least 100 different oils to my body. For one month after this demonstration not once did I suffer from any of my usual digestive complaints. My digestion, energy, food tolerances were completely normal and I felt amazing. The power and potency of those oils had corrected something in my physical body and I could not tell you at the time, but I also knew something mentally and emotionally had shifted within me as well.

I had tried countless remedies, supplements, diets, doctors, and therapists to heal my digestive system and a lot of it helped, but none of it healed me. It was so effective because I was experiencing JOY as I smelled those oils. I was connecting with amazing people and soaking in Earth's medicine and I WASN'T ASKING FOR THE OILS TO FIX ME. Simply my resistance to experiencing joy was absent so healing could commence.


Years later, I came across this quote from the founder of Young Living, Gary Young. He said, "I believe that essential oils are the closest physical and tangible substance that carries the spirit of God on Earth." 

As I read those words I instantly understood what he meant. Those oils had taken me to a vibrational state of being that I am not sure I had the capacity at that time to access on my own. It was one of the most profound healings that I have ever experienced and I have never since questioned nature's intelligence or distrusted it's ability to support me in accessing states of being that are otherwise inaccessible to my current state of consciousness.

Meet The Oils

Each oil has potent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects on our body. Below you will find my channeled interpretation for each one and how you might use each one to capture its full capacity to transform your vibrational state of being.

Basil Oil is known for its ability to support all things related to the mind. Its aromatic effect is one of opening the mind and increasing clarity of thought. Basil oil is a potent support of the liver/gall bladder complex. In Chinese Medicine, the liver plans one's life and the gall bladder guides the ability to make decisions. Common signs of liver/gall bladder imbalance are lack of confidence, difficulty making decisions, poor judgement, anger, irritability, menstrual symptoms, head tension, and migraines. 


It is no surprise that basil oil is found in Young Living's Aroma Siez, Clarity, and M-Grain Essential Oil blends, which all provide support to our mental health. Energetically, basil oil has the ability to act as a powerful container for our energy. Imagine waking every day with a container that is full of energy. Most of us by the time we exit our morning shower have lost a significant portion of our energy, just because of the thoughts we have allowed to slip into our energy field. (worry over the day's activities, wishing you didn't have to go to work, thinking about the past, etc) The truth is that our mental habits that we sink into every single day have the effect of draining us of our energy. 


Basil helps us to recognize where we are losing energy so we can make the mental shifts necessary to renew and energize our body, mind, and spirit.

Coming soon...

Ginger is well known for its ability to support the digestive system.  There is a parallel between being able to digest our food well and how well we digest our thoughts.  Ginger aids us in digesting thoughts and experiences that are “hard to swallow.”


There are moments in our life where we must choose between reacting with pride and revealing our shame.  To swallow your pride is often to reveal your shame.  It supports us in letting go of pride by recognizing that good fortune is constantly available to us and reminds us that when we cling to our pride we are keeping out the good fortune we desire. Ginger invites us to fully participate in our lives by dissolving our willingness to hide from our shame.  We must first accept what is so we can let go of what is no longer serving us and invite in what we desire.


It supports us in recognizing that we are not our shame, that our reactions of judgement and blame are due to our own fears and insecurities, neither of which are based in truth.  It invites us to shed light on our shame in ways that invite meaning and connection into our lives and our relationships.


Ginger oil helps to create a sense of equality between self and other.  It levels the playing field between victim and hero so we can see that we are all in this together.  It elevates our consciousness to that of oneness and invites us to remember that we are all connected. Ginger encourages you to face your reality, by accepting responsibility for what you have created in the now and what you will create in the future.


Affirmation:  I am constantly bringing in good fortune.

Lemongrass is the oil to call on when you are in need of purifying your life, health, environment, or relationships. It supports the individual who is actively clearing out and uprooting old toxic energies, habits, beliefs, and traumas that no longer serve the person anymore. It helps to circulate energy in the Governing Vessel or spine channel, which is needed in order to help one stand and do in the world. Lemongrass can help when you feel paralyzed in the transition between who you have been and who you are becoming.


It invites clarity and focus as to which actions will be most effective at cultivating  your vision for your future.When using lemongrass aromatically it helps one to feel energetically lighter as it clears negative energy from your field. It assists anyone who is wanting to make major lifestyle changes in support of finding a happier, healthier way of being. It helps by making the way forward feel more accessible and inviting despite fear of the unknown, doubt, or indecision.

Marjoram contradicts the belief that there is a finite supply of happiness, abundance, joy, wealth, or peace available to us. It reminds us that we already have all the abundance and joy we need and that there is a constant supply of good fortune and blessings available to us. Marjoram dissolves the defenses we have built up around allowing other people, resources, or avenues of abundance into our lives. It reprograms lack mentality and challenges poverty mindset. It opens us up to be able to receive and accept good fortune into our lives.

Marjoram invites us to learn to trust others so that we may form meaningful relationships. It encourages us to see how the hurt we experienced in the past is affecting our ability to trust and open to those around us. It dissolves the ego so that true bonds of love and connection may develop. It helps us see the truth -that blessings are not the result of luck or chance, but rather that blessings are the result of opening your heart to the infinite possibilities that exist around you.

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Tea Tree Oil is known for its cleansing properties and has long been used to support the immune system as well as the skin. Both the immune system and the skin are our primary defense mechanism protecting against toxins, infections, and dis-ease. Energetically tea tree also acts to protect us from negative energies that belong to other people or environments.  It creates space between the boundaries of who we are and the boundaries of the people and places that we interact with and inhabit.


When our body harmonizes with the vibration of tea tree it introduces a space between my feelings and the feelings of those around me.  Space between the energy that is me and the energy of the environments that I inhabit.  Space between my beliefs and the beliefs of the people around me. In this created space, there is room for pause, a deep breath, to observe and to respond.  There is room for compassion, and love, and gratitude.  There is room to recognize that we are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions of those around us. There is room to honor our own feelings and the feelings of those around us.  There is room to embrace pain, anger, sadness, fear, and grief.  To welcome what is rather than what we wish to be.


The more time we spend in this space, the more we start to see the way through the negative energy.  We see that we can allow the negative energy to move around and through us, but we need not invite it to stay. To purify is not to rid ourselves of all toxic energy, people, and environments.  To purify is to dance amidst the negativity and spread joy, love, and peace as you go.


Valerian is the oil that moves you from inspiration to action. For most of us there is a gap between idea and action.  The problem is not that we are not inspired with ideas, the problem is that we are afraid to take action. This is especially true for big ideas that have the potential to push us outside of our comfort zones and aid us in creating the life that we desire to be living. Valerian has a calming effect on the central nervous system so that the voices of fear, doubt, and worry are not so overwhelming. It helps the soul who wants to move forward, but feels paralyzed by fear. 


It dampens the body’s programmed or habitual way of responding to fear so that you can act on your idea and move forward with the life you feel called to live. It connects us to the peace and calm that exists within us and separates us from the stress and tension that exists outside of us. In so doing, we become able to respond to life rather than react. 


We are free to create and contribute our gifts to the world and focus our attention where it is needed rather than wasting energy in the management of our fear.

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Gathering is an Essential Oil Blend of lavender, galbanum, frankincense, geranium, ylang ylang, spruce, cinnamon bark, rose, and sandalwood. It supports an individual who is in the act of becoming. An individual who sees the vision they came here to fulfill, but still forgets how to live into that vision. Whether defaulting to old dysfunctional patterns of behavior or getting lost in distracting problems that don’t exist, gathering helps us to prevent this “fracturing of thought energy.”


It brings peace and quietude to the mental gremlins that function to distract us from the big vision. It quiets our worries about the future so that we can focus on creating through aligned action and joy.


Gathering quiets the part of our mind that is hyper vigilant and hyper alert to the feelings, thoughts, opinions, and judgements of others and reminds us that “all is well.” It creates an energetic wall of protection allowing joy to rise from our heart like the morning sun making its debut into the day.


With the aid of Gathering, a new SELF emerges. Things that felt like a dream yesterday, become possible today. Limitations are removed and our actions come into alignment with the fulfillment of our dreams. Our heart opens fully to the path that is truly ours to walk.


Sidenote: intention is everything when using oils, but especially gathering. Spend some time feeling into the vision and identity that you desire to create for yourself before using the oil. If your intentions are unclear, the actions of the oil will be unclear as well.

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