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Lotus Health & Wellness Center and Dr. Cassie Seal present:



Decoding The Language Of Your Spirit

Lotus Health & Wellness Center and Dr. Cassie Seal, PT present
Wednesday, September 21
5:30-7:30 PM

3005 Sterling Cir suite 100, Boulder, CO 80301

You have an Inner Wisdom, a voice within you that is guiding you on this path called life and it speaks to you through your sensory experiences. We mistakenly believe that we aren’t hearing the message or that it isn’t speaking to us, but the truth is that we have simply learned not to trust its voice.  It contradicts with the logical and rational way in which we were taught to think and make sense of the world around us. We hear the voice, but we don’t understand its sensory language.


In Awaken Your Inner Wisdom, Dr. Cassie Seal is going to teach you how to reconnect to this Inner Intelligence. You’ll learn how to decipher your symptoms and emotions in a completely different context. You’ll begin to see that your uncomfortable feelings and painful symptoms and dis-ease are really just your Inner Wisdom guiding you toward a life of great purpose, meaning, and joy.


Presented by Dr. Cassie Seal, PT-DPT, RYT-500
Founder CassieSeal.LOVE

Cassie is a highly skilled medical intuitive. Her formal training is as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and she has trained in numerous alternative therapies including Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, and Human Design.

She is passionate about transforming the current medical paradigm by creating a shift in how we collectively think as well as approach the healing process. She has created an entire system that is remarkably effective at helping her patients heal from a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. 

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