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the healing support you want, in the community space you need

Why the healing circle?

Working as a Physical Therapist, I realized early on that alignment was everything. When I facilitated the restoration of alignment to the bones, muscles, fascia, and organs of the physical body via (manual therapy and movement) this resulted in the elimination of pain.

Alignment is relatively easy to facilitate temporarily (think about how you feel after having body work, getting a massage, taking a bath, or a good night's sleep). What really piqued my curiosity though was the patient's who were unable to maintain the alignment in between sessions. What were my patients doing (or not doing) between sessions that created the outcomes they were experiencing. And even those who responded well to therapy, why did they often end up back in my office a month or year later because they were experiencing the same symptoms.

My curiosity led me on a journey to learn how to communicate with my patient's Inner Wisdom. It made sense to me to go directly to the source of our most powerful Inner Intelligence. Rather than trying to guess what my patient's needed, I could serve as the liaison between them and their bodies.

After talking with hundred of bodies over the last decade, I discovered that the physical aspect was only the mirror of what was going on internally. The actual misalignment was happening in life outside my clinic doors.

From the relationships they were in, to the jobs they chose, to the past traumas and limiting beliefs that were still influencing and shaping their behaviors. Every choice we make and the reason we make it matters. From the car you drive, to the job you show up to, to the people you enter into relationship with - all of it deeply matters. 

Your health and your happiness are a reflection of the subconscious intentions that are driving your every day decisions.
 As an Alignment Coach, I help you see where your alignment is in the primary areas of your life that matter most - relationship, work, and health.

Throughout this program you will have access to coaching from me during our virtual live group coaching calls as well as in our community space where you will have support not only from me, but also like spirited people who are also committed to their own journey of healing.

Why a community space?
Because healing happens in relationship with other people. As much as I tried to heal my marriage from the comforts of my meditation cushion, I couldn't do it and you can't either. I had to interrupt my behavioral patterns that were creating the problems in my marriage and to do it, I knew I had to craft a tribe of people to support me through that process. 

Have you ever heard the expression you become like the 5 people that you spend the most amount of time with?

You can deeply love and care about the people in your life, but often it is these people who are reinforcing and sometimes even enabling our behavior patterns that are keeping us stuck.

This intention of the community space here is to provide you with a network of expanders - people who inspire, lift you up, breath truth into your being, and encourage you to step our of your comfort zone. Oh and we'll also have your back when you feel like you're falling. 

Finding alignment requires change, getting out of your comfort zone, and a commitment to doing hard things, but this conflicts with our human instincts to stay safe and avoid the unknown. This community gives you the safety net of support you need to face your fears AND the unknown because we are all doing it together.

​What's Included?

  • 2 - 90 minute virtual live group coaching calls per month with Cassie, all calls will be recorded and replay made available to all participants.

  • Group coaching calls will be the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month @ 9:00 am Eastern

  • Access to a private online community where you can call in additional support, guidance, and love from like spirited beings.

  • Weekly 30 minute live healing sessions and guided meditations every Monday at 12:00 pm. Eastern Time Zone

  • You will also have access to Cassie's intuitive support and guidance throughout this program during the live monthly calls as well as in the private online community.

  • Access to recordings if you are unable to attend the calls live.

  • Library of all recordings will be made available to all who are enrolled.

  • 20% discount on 60 minute private sessions with Cassie while enrolled in the program.

  • You can sign up or cancel at anytime.

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The Investment

We are always just one choice away from the life, health, abundance, and freedom we desire. This program will help you find your direction and give you the motivation and support you need to stay the course.



Led by Dr. Cassie Seal, PT, DPT, RYT 500
Alignment Coach and Founder of CassieSeal.LOVE

Cassie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Craniosacral and Somato-Emotional Release Therapist, Body Talk Practitioner, & Medical Intuitive.

She has spent the last two years studying the human body and literally asking hundreds of bodies what they need to heal.

When you work with Cassie, you aren't just healing your body, you are transforming your life. She is passionate about teaching her clients to listen and trust their own bodies because the guidance we are all looking for is right there inside of us. 

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