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New Clients Only

Private Sessions

Want help interpreting what your Inner Wisdom is trying to tell you?  Sessions with Cassie are like a conversation with your soul.  You receive the insight and clarity you have been looking for and you leave feeling clear on what actions you need to take to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Sessions are conducted virtually through zoom or over the phone. If you'd like to work with Cassie in person at her South Bend studio please contact her directly at

This is your time to ask questions or just get a feel for what it would be like to work with me.  It is helpful to give me a brief description of what challenges you are currently facing and the support you are looking for.  I will share openly and honestly whatever insight I receive from your Inner Wisdom and support you in discovering the next step in your healing journey.

Free Consultations are 30 minutes and conducted through zoom or over the phone.

Find out what your Inner Wisdom wants you to know. Every session is 100% guided by your Inner Wisdom, you can ask it whatever it is you are wanting to know about your physical healing, relationships, work, or life path in general. Cassie will act as a liaison between you and your Inner Wisdom guiding you back into alignment with your Higher Self.


  • Cassie's written translation of your session with detailed notes, recommendations, and action steps.

  • Ongoing email support

  • Essential Oil Recommendations and Personalized Guided Meditations are also available

This is for active clients of Cassie who need additional support in between sessions. Sessions are designed to stir the pot and it is totally normal for things to surface in between sessions that you need or want support with.  To get the most out of your 30 minutes, please have a specific question or intention that you desire clarity around.  We will have a chat with your Inner Wisdom and explore the energetics of what is surfacing for you.

Virtual only.

** Cassie has limited availability for in person 60 minute sessions. If you prefer to schedule an in person session, please contact her directly for availability. Email:

How can a Private Session help you?

Cassie's clients come to her for a wide variety of challenges including:

  • body based healing anything from chronic dis-ease, headaches or digestive complaints to skin warts or mystery pain. You discover what is driving your symptoms and what you need to do (or not do) to heal.

  • relationship support - Did you know that our physical symptoms reflect how we show up to our relationships, Cassie offers guidance on how to create authentic meaningful connections and heal difficult relationships while simultaneously healing your body.

  • emotional support - Cassie helps her clients transform anxiety, anger, guilt, shame by understanding the message beneath the feelings and using emotions to inform action rather than avoid fear.

  • life direction - from high school to retirement it can be hard to know where life is ushering you and Cassie helps you get clear about the path and life you were created to live. 


No matter what your intention for working with Cassie, she will create a safe container for you to explore your own Inner Truth. And you aren't alone.  Cassie discovered early on that we need community in order to heal, we actually can't do it alone. Once you begin working with Cassie, she is with you through the entire healing process.  You will undoubtedly encounter obstacles, you'll have questions, and you'll want to give up, but you will have access to support from Cassie as well as a powerful healing community.

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