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Love As Medicine Workshop Series
August 22, 2023 - February 20, 2024


Love As Medicine is a workshop series presented by The Center For Spiritual Growth and Dr. Cassie Seal, PT, DPT-PT, RYT - 500. Dr. Cassie is passionate about her work to transform the current medical paradigm by creating a shift in how we collectively think as well as approach the healing process. Cassie began her work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy nearly two decades ago. Armed with a curiosity about the human body and a passion for helping others heal, she became a highly skilled body talk practitioner by combining her knowledge and enthusiasm of the human body with her natural intuitive genius. 


Now Cassie spends much of her time dedicated to writing her first book and teaching others how to communicate with the Wisdom that exists within each of us. She helps her clients heal from physical, mental, and emotional challenges, transform their limiting beliefs, and release old patterns and ways of being that no longer serve them anymore. 

This translates into watching her clients radically transform their lives from the inside out as they heal long standing chronic conditions, redefine for themselves how they show up in their relationships and work, and experience greater amounts of joy and satisfaction in all areas of their life.


She believes wholeheartedly that her teachings will serve to transform the way in which we heal as human beings. Her deepest passion lies in the creation of a new medical paradigm where the Inner Wisdom of the body is the most highly esteemed doctor you could ever have.


The Love As Medicine workshop series is designed to take participants through her approach in a step by step process. Teaching you how to administer the medicine you need in the most powerful form available to all - LOVE. Each workshop is designed to be a stand alone workshop, however for best results it is highly recommended that you attend all 8 workshops in the series live.


The cost for each individual workshop is $25, however you can sign up for the whole series for only $111 (save $89). Click on the link below to sign up for the entire series:

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To Register

Each workshop is $25 to attend or you can register for the entire series (8 classes) for only $111 by clicking the "sign up" now button below.

The registration link is included below for each individual workshop. Each workshop will be conducted virtually through zoom and the replay will be made available for all pre-registered participants.

These workshops are for anyone who:

  • wants to create a life that feels aligned with their soul

  • wants to release old conditioning, traumas, and beliefs that no longer serve them

  • wants to heal - physically, mentally, and/or emotionally

  • wants to experience more meaningful and fulfilling relationships and a deeper sense of belonging

  • wants a clearer sense of who you are and why you are here

  • feels like life is okay or even good but can't escape the feeling that something is missing

What you get:

  • Discover how to hear, know, and trust the voice of your Inner Wisdom

  • Reprogram your limiting beliefs and dysfunctional neural pathways so that old traumas and ways of being aren't making you feel stuck

  • Experience improvement and/or complete refief of your physical symptoms

  • Feel more emotionally balanced and empowered in regulating your nervous system

  • Experience greater clarity in moving forward and navigating difficult circumstances

  • Create more fulfillment and meaning in your relationships and know when and how to exit unhealthy relationships

  • Gain an embodied understanding of who you were energetically created to be and your unique purpose for being here

  • Become fluent in your communication with your Higher SELF

  • Signing up for the entire series ($111) will give participants 10% off Cassie’s regular one on one session prices

  • Online community space for questions and exploration will fellow participants

  • Opportunity for Q&A and live coaching during each individual workshop

  • Recordings of all workshops will be made available 

Wisdom Healing: The Heart Has Its Own Hieroglyphics

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Wisdom Healing is the process of using the innate wisdom of the body aka spirit to invite the energy of healing into our lives. In this workshop, we will explore what it means to use LOVE as medicine and how understanding these simple principles can bridge the gap between suffering and happiness. You'll learn about the two very different voices active in you and how those voices interact to create the life, health, and happiness you are currently experiencing. If the whole world truly embraced and understood the concepts presented in this workshop, it would transform the modern medical system as we know it and lead to immeasurable leaps forward in our ability to experience love, abundance, and joy.

Beyond Resolution: Mastering Intentions That Awaken Your Spirit

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Intentions are what activate the healing process. After working for years as a Physical Therapist, I started to recognize that there was a disconnect in what my patients thought they were reaching for and where they were actually ending up. Most of us goal set from a place of lack, inferiority, and limitation. In other words, our limited mind is driving the boat instead of our awakened spirit. For years, I have been helping my client reset their intentions into language that resonates with their spirit rather than their minds. As my meditation teacher always said, we don't have to know how we are going to accomplish something, we just have to have a sincere desire to get there. The magic is in knowing how to drop down into the space of the heart and feel the truth of all that you desire. This workshop will teach you not only how to access the desires of the heart but also how to use an intention to effectively move beyond where you feel stuck.

The Heart Speaks: Decoding The Language Of Your Spirit

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Did you know that you have two voices active within you pretty much all the time?

One is the voice of your Inner Wisdom. It is the voice within you who knows clearly who you are, your purpose in life, and the experiences you came here to discover. It is always guiding you to the people, experiences, and situations that will allow you to live into the highest expression of who you came here to be.


The other voice is that of your very rational, logical, and often very limited mind whose primary job is to keep you safe. It accomplishes this through assisting you to avoid fear at all cost. But is all fear really bad? Often when we avoid what we fear, we fail to live into our greatest potential. To heal is actually to call fear’s bluff.


This workshop will help you discern between the voice of your Inner Wisdom and that of your limited mind so that you can open your heart to experience the wholeness of the life you were created to live.

Aligned: Shifting Old Patterns That No Longer Serve You

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Alignment is a state of being where your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions are all harmonious and coherent with each other. The cause of optimal health, well-being, and consciousness is the experience of an aligned or 'flow' state. 

But, Alignment is just one of four states of being and most of us actually spend most of our time in the other 3 states of being - attachment, aversion, and trying to.

In this workshop, you'll discover how to know when you are in alignment as well as how to avoid the trap of the other 3 states of being so that you are intentionally creating the optimal health, well-being and consciousness that your soul came here to experience.

Emotional Coherence: Bridging The Gap Between The Heart And The Mind

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Emotional Incoherence happens when we misinterpret or mislabel what we are feeling in our body as a result of past trauma or conditioning from our past. Essentially, we experience an emotion (body intelligence), but intellectually (mental intelligence) understand it to be something that it isn’t. What heals past trauma is learning to reorganize how your brain responds to different emotions as well as reprogramming how we actually experience negative emotions. This leads to Emotional Coherence, a state of alignment between our body and mind, which heals past trauma and aligns us with the life we truly came here to live and experience.

Healing By Human Design: The Energetic Blueprint Of Your Soul

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Human Design is a system that provides an energetic roadmap to understanding who you are and why you are here. It combines the principles of the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system and quantum physics. Practically, it shows you how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool in a way that helps you align with your Highest SELF.


Understanding your Human Design Chart is like being given a permission slip to be fully and unapologetically you. Bring your chart and discover who you are, why you are here, and the blueprint for living into your potential. You’ll likely leave this workshop feeling articulated, understood, and validated which will begin to influence how you show up in all the different areas of your life.

Healing By Human Design: How Your Intuition Speaks To You

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Human Design is a system that provides an energetic roadmap to understanding who you are and why you are here. It combines the principles of the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system and quantum physics. Practically, it shows you how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool in a way that helps you align with your Highest SELF.


In this workshop, we will go beyond the basics of your blueprint and explore the specific ways that you can connect to your Inner Wisdom through the consciousness of your body. You’ll discover how you are designed to receive intuitive information and how you can use that information to make the best choices for you. We are all intuitive, but the way in which our Inner Wisdom speaks to each of us is highly individualized and unique to our Human Design blueprint.

Relationships: The Holy Grail Of Healing

Tuesday, February 20, 2023 - 12:00 - 1:30 pm

The same energetic patterns that create dis-ease in our body are also mirrored in how we show up in our relationships - whether with our spouse, boss, children, parents, family, or acquaintances - the pathway to healing these patterns is through our relationships. We actually are not wired to heal alone, which is why our relationships matter. From who we choose to enter into relationships with to the boundaries we set (or don’t set) to how we navigate our triggers in relationships - all of it matters.


This workshop will help you discern where and how the core relationships in your life AND how you are (or aren’t) showing up in them can affect not only your body’s ability to heal, but also the peace, satisfaction, and joy that you have access to in your life.

Save 45% by registering for all 8 workshops

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