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10X Your Vision:

Stop focusing on the path so you can see where you are going

Yesterday I was listening to Benjamin Hardy talk about his book 10x Is Easier Than 2x. His message inspired some thoughts I’d like to share with you.

The original idea for the book came from a business mastermind he did in which this question was asked:

“If you wanted to increase sales by 10% what would you do?”

Another participant in the mastermind spoke up and said you are asking the wrong question. There are hundreds of different solutions to that question. The real question should be:

“If you want to 10X your sales, what would you do?”

It’s the right question, he said, because there is only one answer.

Now you might be wondering why I am telling you about a business mastermind. You might care less about how to increase sales by 10x, but one thing I bet you do care about is how you feel in your body. What if we could 10x how you feel in your body most days?

It’s interesting because I think most people look at their healing journey wanting to 10x but reaching only for 2x better. We rarely change our habits enough to get to 10x. 2x is more comfortable and doesn’t really require us to change at all.

Benjamin went on to say that when we shoot for 10X, at least 80% of what we do has to change.

This parallels something I have taught for several years now. I believe that as we come more and more into alignment with our Higher SELF, 50-90% of what we do on a daily basis falls away. It’s no longer about quantity of doing, but QUALITY of doing.

I also started thinking about the period of time in my life when I was struggling with my digestive health. For years my aim was simply to normalize my blood sugars so I could eat “normally” again. This was a 2x goal (maybe a 1x if I’m honest).

I focused so much on the micro goal, that I missed the mark of my macro goal. Actually I didn’t even know what my macro goal was until I was about 5 years into the struggle.

The macro goal was joy. My 10x goal was simply to live a life that felt joyful inside and out. My blood sugars and the foods I could or couldn’t eat didn’t really matter if I felt joy.

Within months of identifying my 10x goal, my digestive health normalized because it allowed me to identify all that needed to fall away from my life. The magical part was that the symptoms no longer mattered, they weren't obstacles anymore. They were simply just bricks on the path.

The falling away process took years and I'm still finding myself becoming aware of more and more things I need to let go of to get to that 10X Vision of JOY. It's a forever path, but identifying the 10X Vision allows us to focus on the entire picture rather than just the brick that's right in front of us.

When I identified my 10x vision, my resistance to joy started to fade away. I no longer believed it was an unattainable thing or that I had to solve my digestive health problems before I got to JOY.

Instead of putting the cart before the horse, my horse got to take the lead.

What is your 10X goal for your health?

For your relationship/s?

For your work?

For your life?

I've created a worksheet inside my free network CassieSeal.LOVE to help you work through crafting your 10X vision. You can access the network and the worksheet through this link.

Once you're in the network, search "10X Your Vision" to access the worksheet.

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