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Mom Victory

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Last week I had the realization that I am only afraid of things that have never happened to me.

I’m afraid of losing all my money and not being able to take care of myself financially. In my entire life I’ve never actually experienced this.

I’m afraid of my kids hating me. Sure we have our moments as a family and my kids have both spoken those words to me in a fit of anger, but they have never actually hated me.

I’m afraid of being alone. I’ve never been alone. I’ve certainly felt lonely before, but I’ve never actually been alone.

When my daughter was younger she had an unusual fear of being late. Every morning became a battle of her yelling and crying if we didn’t leave when she felt we needed to.

She chilled out about it a few years ago, but my son has stepped up in her footsteps. He is terrified of being late to the bus stop. He yells at his sister that she needs to hurry up and I can literally feel him stewing in a pot of worry all the way to the bus stop (we have a 15 min drive). He has never once been late to the bus stop or school so I find myself wondering where this fear comes from.

I even tried rationalizing with him and telling him he is worried about something that has never happened and that he is wasting precious life force energy with all that worry.

That clearly didn’t work.

This morning I'm realizing it’s really no different than someone telling me not to worry about money.

Rationalizing with someone in an emotional state doesn’t work because it doesn’t do anything to address the actual emotions. If you want to learn how to deal with emotional states you should reach out to my friend Kate Collins who has actually studied with the Center for Emotional Education. She is brilliant at knowing and finding words to soothe someone out of survival brain states.

But what I really wanted to share was the experience I had this morning with my son.

He went back to bed after I woke him up so he was already frazzled when I had to wake him up for a second time. We went through his normal tirade of yelling at his sister and panicking that he was going to miss the bus.

But this morning I decided to play a 5 minute guided meditation (it's an awesome one from Gabby Bernstein, check it out here) in the car on the way to school. Both kids gave me crap about it. My daughter disappeared into her phone and my son told me it was stupid and he wasn’t going to listen.

Sorry but you can’t not listen when you are in the car with the audio on. He was silent for the entire 5 minutes and as soon as it was over he remarked again about how dumb that was.

But here’s the really cool thing, we left 1 minute later than normal and arrived at the bus stop 2 minutes earlier than normal.

How did that happen?

The meditation shifted all of our brain states. Even if it was only 5 minutes it decreased our mental resistance enough and the universe did the rest.

Not everyone believes me when I say that healing really is this simple.

If you aren't experiencing the health, abundance, joy, or love that you desire, then you are actively spending more time in resistance to what you want then you are in alignment to what you want. And just because you are asking for what you desire does not mean you are in alignment with what you desire.

I am in the business of helping people come into alignment with what they desire. It's why I have started offering personalized guided meditations to my clients after a session. We map out the energetic pattern that has been creating what you don't want and the new pattern of alignment that will decrease the resistance to what you do want. The only thing you have to do is spend time BEING in alignment with what you want. It's beautiful, it's easy and it's fun.

Much love and healing,


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