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Shame to SuperPower

What if I told you that shame is actually the source of your greatest superpower?

That wherever you feel shame - that voice of not enoughness - is an invitation to see where your greatest gifts lie. It is an opportunity to change how you see your SELF and to change the story you have been playing out most likely since you were a child.

This mental shift from shame to superpower is one of the most powerful ways to engage in the healing process. It is powerful because it requires us to feel into the light and truth of who we actually are rather than the story we have been telling about ourselves.

I first observed this powerful shift in myself years ago when I identified a limiting belief that I have carried perhaps since the day I was born. The belief is that no one cares what I think, feel, or know and therefore it is impossible for my words to add any value to someone else’s life.

The journey from shame to seeing value in what I think, feel, and know (embracing my superpower) has been one of the most transformative and healing adventures in my life because ultimately if I had not embarked on this journey 1) I wouldn’t be writing this for you and 2) I certainly would not have been able to create a successful business where I am paid money to share what I think, feel, and know about the healing process.

I now see this phenomenon show up so distinctly in the energy fields of nearly all of my patients and I want to share with you some of the patterns so you can begin to see how this is showing up in your life and take steps to make this powerful shift on your own.

  1. It shows up in the things that we complain about. In particular in how we relate to other people. For example, if at work we constantly feel taken advantage of, belittled, overwhelmed or under appreciated we can recognize that these are reactions, habits, defenses, or excuses that we have adopted to avoid feeling our shame story. And if we dig a little deeper we can find the hidden superpower by asking questions like in an ideal work environment how would my boss and/or co-workers treat me. More specifically, what would they express that they value about what I bring to the table? When we identify what it is that we desire for others to value in us, this shows us what we are not valuing in ourselves - our superpower.

  2. Often when I am working with a patient, I will ask them to tell me about a time in their life when they felt most alive, balanced, joyful, or free. What I discover in the energy of that story is that during these moments in our lives we are most in alignment with our greatest gifts. When we feel most alive we are an expression of our superpower.

  3. Our superpowers are also decoded in our childhood traumas. We all have many pivotal moments in our childhood where we innocently and freely express our superpower only to be received in a way that we perceive as deeply negative. From these experiences we develop the story that who we are is somehow flawed.

  4. We can also see our superpower emerge in the eyes of those caregivers that we have the fondest memories of as a child. I often ask people to tell me about the person or caregiver in their childhood who made them feel the most loved and accepted. It is these individuals that we encounter throughout our life who embrace our superpower. They see it as the beautiful gift that it is and encourage you to become the fullest expression of it.

  5. Your superpower is also hidden in the way in which you identify with yourself. I had worked with a patient for several months and had heard him self-identify many times as being a cocky, self-absorbed asshole in his younger years. What I helped him realize is that none of that was actually true. What made others see him as cocky was actually him expressing his superpower and the truth is that when we express our superpower we are in an aligned and high vibrational state which can make others uncomfortable. We often hide our superpower in an attempt to help those around us to feel more comfortable in their lower vibrational energy state.

Shame is the lowest vibrational emotion that a human being can feel. When we are in the vibration of shame we have very little power to create the reality around us we desire, because shame is creating the very reality that we don’t want.

When we are an expression of our greatest gifts, we are in a very high vibrational state of being. I often say that the feeling of our superpower often feels like a curse in our younger years, but as we learn to embrace it, it becomes our greatest blessing.

I believe that embracing our superpower is how we express our divinity, it is how we are here to show up and serve others. And when we engage with our superpower from a place of love, light and truth - we in turn receive many abundant blessings.

May your journey from shame to superpower be filled with abundant blessings and endless possibilities.

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