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Want Greater Peace, Love and Joy?

I started out as a Physical Therapist who quickly learned that doing exercises, watching what you eat, and following the doctor’s orders are not what bring the greatest amount of happiness, joy, peace, and contentment. In fact, our happiness has nothing to do with anything in our outer world and everything to do with how deep of a relationship we have with our inner being (soul, higher self, heart self, inner wisdom, God-self, divine light, etc). Awareness Based Healing is the process of going inward for self-discovery, guidance, and acceptance in a way that empowers you to take complete responsibility for your own health without being dependent on other people or things for your happiness. Doing this work will help you to gain insight into your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, where in your life you are falling out of alignment with your soul’s purpose, and what action steps you need to take to bring yourself back into alignment and live your best possible and most meaningful life. My intention in every session is to guide you to listen to the voice of your own heart in a way that brings peace to your soul and empowers you to make decisions that lead you to greater wholeness and well-being.

My process is grounded in a deep understanding of the physical body (muscles, bones, fascia, organs) and how it relates to our mental, emotional and spiritual needs. I can read your energetics in a way that tells me whether the problem you are seeking treatment for is coming from the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual plane. Once the appropriate energetics are determined through a collaborative and intuitive process, whatever related traumas, limiting beliefs, or stored emotions are released and replaced with a truth statement or feeling that helps to transform or rewire the central nervous system for lasting change. A truth statement is any statement that automatically brings a feeling of peace to your body, mind and spirit and are symbolic of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are true for you, they do not direct negativity to another person, and they are in full alignment with your self-worth. Lastly, we look at any ways that you have been leaking or losing energy through your actions because of a past trauma or belief system and what you can actively do to contain your energy and revitalize your body that supports the newly discovered truth statement.

Common experiences after a session are to feel greater peace, a sense of lightness or weightlessness, and a confidant clarity that is facilitated by a re-connection of heart and self. Patients who are most successful with this form of therapy are extremely self-motivated and driven to heal or move forward in life and commit themselves to contemplation, meditation, journaling or other practices that will continue to foster a deeper connection to your inner self. If you are interested in experiencing this work, you can schedule a free consultation or appointment at

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