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Aligned & Empowered YOU

An 8 week journey to re-discover your Inner JOY.

"Aligned With Love"

What if you could change your relationship to fear so much that it never blocked your path forward anymore?


Who would you be if the past no longer colored your future?


And what would your life look like if you knew how to live in deep connection and resonance with your Higher Self?

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Presented by Dr. Cassie Seal, PT, PT-DPT, RYT - 500
Founder CassieSeal.LOVE

Dr. Cassie Seal is revolutionizing the current medical paradigm and inviting a shift in our beliefs about what it means to truly heal. She specializes in her own process of body talk that combines her extensive knowledge of the human body with her intuitive genius. After decades of studying the healing process as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and combining her trainings in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Yoga, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Meditation, she came to understand that our Higher SELF communicates with us through our symptoms, emotions, and other sensory awarenesses. The very aches, pains, dis-eases, and negative emotions that she and her clients were trying to get rid of were in fact coming from a source of profound love. That source is the most potent and powerful guidance system we have and Cassie has become a master at translating and decoding this sensory language through which our Higher SELF speaks to us. She spends her time teaching and guiding her clients to awaken this Wisdom within them resulting in clarity, healing, and profound transformation.

In this course we will cover

What does being Aligned & Empowered look and feel like?

We become so grounded and centered in our truth that we stop caring so much about what other people think. The voice that drives our perfectionism, people pleasing, and other energy depleting behaviors gets quieter. We act, live, and breathe from a place of deep trust, ease, abundance, and joy. We move toward what brings us joy and we move in a way that is loving and compassionate rather than angry and egoic. All of our relationships get better, we find more meaning and fulfillment in our connections to other people. We forgive, our physical body heals and our inner JOY begins to seep out the cracks of who we are. In this vibrational reality we truly begin to embrace that what we want also wants us. The negative emotions don’t go away, but we are no longer imprisoned by their presence. 

What do you get?

The Tangibles: 

  • Online community support - you'll be connected to other like spirited folks who are also dedicated to stepping into alignment with their Highest Self. You'll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and offer support to others. 

  • Weekly 90 minute interactive group sessions, led by Cassie. Group sessions will be held both in person and also available virtually through livestream, replays will also be available if you can't attend live.

  • 25% discount on individual sessions with Cassie

  • 8 week course - meets 1 day/week for 90 minutes

  • Homework and guided practices in between meetings

  • Weekly support, q & a from Cassie in the online community or via email (

The Intangibles

  • Clarity about what is blocking your healing, growth, evolution, or manifestation of what you want

  • A clear vision for how to move beyond that block by taking aligned action that will remove the block

  • A deeper understanding of yourself, who you are, what it means to live in alignment with your Higher Self

  • Joy that comes from stepping into your personal power

  • Better health, better relationships, more abundance and fulfillment in your work and life

  • A supportive and nourishing community of like spirited people all on a common journey to find more peace, joy, fulfillment, and ease in our lives.

  • A deeper relationship to your Inner Wisdom - you will understand the basics of its language how to know when it is speaking to you, how it speaks to you, how to interpret its message, and trust its guidance.

January 11 - March 1

Presented by:  Dr. Cassie Seal, PT, DPT, RYT-500

Workshop will be held at:

Class is donation based, suggested donation $198

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