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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Intuition is not a gift that is reserved for a blessed few. It's actually a skill that is available to anyone and like any skill some of us have a natural ability to access it and others need to develop that skill. No matter where you fall on that spectrum there are specific strategies, techniques, and tools that you can use to learn how to hear, listen, and trust your Inner Guidance System.

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Dear Friend,

When I first started dialoguing with my patient's bodies, everyone kept asking
me to teach how I had learned to do what I was doing. 

My instinct was to teach how my intuition worked for me, but I quickly
discovered that intuition is not a one size fits all approach.

And then I found Human Design and realized there are actually 7 different
intuitive types: emotional, sacral, splenic, mental, ego, self-projected, and lunar.

We all have access to each type, but we each have one type that especially
relates to the way in which we are energetically designed to hear our Inner
Wisdom and use that guidance to make correct choices for ourselves.

Because of this, I now pull the Human Design charts of every client I work with so that I can teach them the exact and precise methods that will give them access to their internal compass.

If you're curious I've included some information about Human Design below, but first start by going to:

There you can get your free chart and then watch the Healing By Human Design: The Basics workshop recording below. It will give you the basic information you need so you can really begin to understand your Intuitive Authority and how it works for you.

And if your wanting more support exploring and interpreting your intuition and/or Human Design Chart, I highly recommend you book a private session reading with me. You can do that here.

Much Love,
Cassie Seal

Intuition ultimately comes down to the relative amount of freedom that we have to make choices that align with our Higher SELF. Things like conditioning, trauma, victim/lack mentality, limiting beliefs, and negativity in our environment occupy a lot of mental space that prevents us from being able to see, hear, and trust the guidance that our Inner Wisdom offers us.

The key to unlocking our intuition lies in our ability to re-program our mental stories and respond to life differently than we have in the past. The problem is not that we don't hear what our Inner Wisdom is saying to us. We actually hear it quite clearly. The problem is that we are frustrated because we don't believe we are worthy of what it is inviting us into which creates discord between our limited mind and our heart center.

Would you like to discover what your Intuition wants you to know?

More Free Resources About Intuition


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"You become in the moments when you are in the act of becoming.

Trust me if it were possible, I would have gone through my entire divorce process from my meditation cushion and I would be sitting here now telling you how to do hard things without actually having to do it."


Learning the language of your Inner Wisdom isn’t so much like studying a foreign language. It’s more like re-writing your narrative about what suffering really is. It’s changing how you relate to supposedly negative experiences. It’s recognizing the gift that is available to us in our deepest moments of suffering.


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“It is easier to discount and challenge the perception of the mind than it is to quiet the longing of the heart.”


"The very process of making the unknown known, changes us. When we allow our lives to be guided by our own internal compass, we invite in a subtle kind of magic that permeates out to the rest of the world—the kind of magic that makes others watch you and wonder what you’ve got that they don’t. The kind of magic that invites everyone you meet to look within themselves too, the kind of magic that can heal the world."

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"There is no magic pill though, you have to be willing to ask, listen, receive, and act on the guidance you receive."

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